Shhh…There’s A Flash Mob!

Written by Sophia Alvarez – August 8, 2013

Boa dia!!!

U.S. Youth Ambassadors and Brazilian CIL students gather to participate in a flash mob.

U.S. Youth Ambassadors and Brazilian CIL students gather to participate in a flash mob.

Today was our last day in Brasilia, but the Youth Ambassadors definitely made the most of it. This afternoon, we had the pleasure of meeting up with forty English students from CIL, a language school in Brasilia, and together we participated in a very unique activity… a flash mob.

In the early afternoon, US embassy officials taught us and the CIL students the dance we had to perform. It was a variation of the electric slide, which both the Americans and Brazilians were familiar with, perfectly demonstrating some of the similarity and overlap between our cultures.

After learning the dance, we walked around the mall in groups, attempting to appear discreet. Then the music began, we started clapping, and we staged the flash mob! There were many astounded faces, and we were ecstatic when a few mall goers even joined in with our dance. Flash mobs are not nearly as common in Brazil as they are in the United States, so it was all the more novel and all the more wonderful to bring a little bit of joy into people’s ordinary days.

Not that they needed it, however, because the one thing that really stuck out for me in my interactions with Brazilian teenagers tonight was their amazing capacity for joy and laughter and love. From the moment we met them, the CIL students were outgoing, friendly, and genuinely interested in both us and everything regarding the United States.

The curiosity and simple passion for life that I found in ordinary conversations this evening have made me fall in love with Brazil and the Brazilian people. Most of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to share such a unique experience as a flash mob with such truly wonderful people.

Posted from Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil.


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