Colors of Brazil

Witten by Jeff Bonar – August 14, 2013

Images of Recife, Pernambuco. (Photos: Jeff Bonar)

Images of Recife, Pernambuco. (Photos: Jeff Bonar)

Prior to coming on this trip, whenever I thought of Brazil I always thought of colors. That said, I have absolutely no idea where this thought originated. Maybe it came from the combination of green, yellow and blue on the national flag of Brazil representing the country´s history and geography. Perhaps it came from images I´ve seen before of Carnival revelers wearing flamboyant costumes and performing elaborate dances in a kaleidoscope of color. I may never know for sure how this idea became embedded in my head. Nevertheless, it has been reassuring to realize that Brazil does live up to the expectations that I have had.

Since coming to Brazil exactly one week ago, I have been introduced to bright and delicious tropical fruits and juices that I didn´t even know existed. I have walked down streets of colonial buildings restored with pinks and teals and oranges. As I type this I am wearing a red and black striped soccer jersey in anticipation of the Sport Club do Recife soccer match that I will be attending with the U.S. Youth Ambassadors.

What is most impressive though is the mix of Brazilian friends that I have made. Friends with blonde hair, brown hair, black hair and red hair. Friends with ancestry that includes all regions of the world. Friends with colorful stories and smiles and gestures.

A rainbow isn´t a rainbow if one of the colors is absent. It wouldn´t look right or elicit the same feelings when you saw it. Similarly, Brazil needs all of these colorful things and people present in order to show its true beauty. And I for one am just happy to be able to experience it.

Posted from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.


One thought on “Colors of Brazil

  1. What good qua liked our country, all are always welcome, it is a shame that here in the Brazilian embassy, we are not so well treated should we have a free pass to be able to better understand the U.S. but infeismente are still treated with suspicion and unable to melhos know the culture of Americans. Maybe one day we will be treated as friends and not as enemies!
    But surely you guys are always welcome.

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