Eu Gosto do Recife

Written by Zoe Melton – August 17th, 2013

Zoe Alexandria Melton

Zoe Alexandria Melton

My week in Recife has been so wonderful. I was sort of sad that I had to begin my week with a stolen phone but, sadness quickly turned into happiness as the day progressed. The day my phone was stolen, I went to a Nautico game which was so much fun. My host uncle is the president of Nautico so we got VIP seating. The soccer team is very nice but I have devoted my heart to the team, Sport. We went to a game and then went on the field which was amazing. I also got my shirt signed by all of the important soccer players which was very awesome.

As the week progressed I fell in love…with Guarana. The soda is the best thing I ever tasted and I am addict. In ABA, we have so much fun. We learn Portuguese, Brazilian Culture, and fun Dances all in the same day which is exciting. I have met so many caring individuals that I want to stay in Recife. We also went to beautiful Olinda and shopped at the interesting mercados. At the mercados, I saw so many beautiful and unique items that showed the culture of Olinda. Recife is so beautiful that I don’t think that I want to leave.

Posted from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.


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