Sister Bonding

Written by Sicily Ranieri – August 19, 2013

imageToday was such a relaxing day. I got to sleep in till 1 pm, which allowed me to get 11 hours of sleep! One of the main rules that I have learned during this trip is to always get as much sleep as possible and whenever you can. I have absolutely loved this whole trip but I was tired almost all the time!

So after my first real sleep my family and I went to another all-you-can-eat meat restaurant where I developed a food baby!

After that Paola and I went to the park to longboard. We thought we would only stay for a couple hours but ended up staying for almost five.

Sicily and her host sister in Campinas.

Sicily and her host sister in Campinas.

At the park there were many people, which was very cool because I actually got to see people having their daily reunite. I saw people playing different sports, people skate boarding in the skate pool, people fighting with swords, a model posing for a Miss Brazil photo shoot, and the list goes on!

While all of this was going on we started to hear music. Curious, we walked to the outdoor stage and realized there was a free concert going on. I don’t usually like or have ever actually heard hard metal or scream-o type of music but I wanted to watch anyway to see what a Brazilian concert was like!

We grabbed a coconut to drink out of and sat down for a couple of hours to enjoy the scene! Paola enjoyed the music, while what I liked the most was to observe people in the front rows banging their heads to the singer who was screaming at the top of his lungs while wearing a wrestler mask.

After my ears couldn’t take the extremely loud music anymore we decided to call it a night!

Posted from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.


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