The Brazilian Way

Written by Emma Hart – August 21, 2013

Pastel with Guaraná!

Pastel with Guaraná!

This morning, we had our last breakfast in the amazing city of Campinas. Before dropping me off with the rest of the group, my host father took me to eat pastel, a delicious deep fried pastry with various things inside.

So, we parked the car and went into a market where vendors were selling meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. We ordered our pastel, and watched as they threw the pastry into hot oil, and in a matter of seconds handed you your hot, crispy breakfast. The perfect first bite of pastel and sip of guarana (really good soda) was enough to make me smile.

My host father ordered another pastel, and began to eat it, and sip his Coke. I looked over my shoulder to the left and saw a homeless man. He looked really unhealthy. I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit scared when he was walking in my direction. I turned my head away.

Pastell filled with ground beef and mozzarella cheese.

Pastell filled with ground beef and mozzarella cheese.

My host father glanced over and saw the man. Without second thought he walked right up to the man and handed him his pastel and Coke. I stood there so amazed.

This moment perfectly describes Brazilians: so kind to everyone. This is a moment I will always remember, and a way of life I won’t forget.

Posted from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.


2 thoughts on “The Brazilian Way

  1. Really amazing!
    I am Brazilian and I love pastel! But I think you loved more than me, it’s very interesting a person who tried pastel at first time describing it, I have eaten it since I was born! I don’t know this feeling! About the homeless man there are a lot here, some are dangerous, some not, and this brazilian is a kind person as a lot of brazilians, but a lot of brazilians isn’t like him, I think he was afraid and wanted to avoid that he came to you, but I think he is kind too! Very kind!

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