Charlotte, North Carolina

Chalotte, North CarolinaCharlotte is the largest city in North Carolina with 1.7 million people in and around the city.  Located in the southwest of the state, Charlotte has a long and rich history starting as a town in the mid 18th century at the cross roads between 2 major Indian trade routes.  Since then Charlotte has been named the Hornet’s Nest as a result of much anti-British sentiment during the Revolutionary War, became a profitable centre of trade for the cotton industry in the 19th century, and has recently grown as a banking town under Hugh McColl.  Charlotte also has numerous colleges and is known for their “southern hospitality.”  In 2007, it was named one of the “Five Cities with Big Outdoor Appeal” for its museums and surrounding outdoor excursions.

Fun Facts:

  • James K. Polk (14th President) was born just outside of Charlotte.
  • Billy Graham was born in Charlotte and subsequently led to the city’s nickname: City of Churches.

U.S. Youth Ambassadors from Charlotte:

Danery Manzanares

Danery Manzanares

Zoe Alexandria Melton

Zoe Alexandria Melton

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  1. Jaylen,

    Your dad and I are so proud of you and so happy that you have had this experience. We think you and all of the USYAs are pretty awesome young men and women.

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