Discovery in São Paulo

Written By Sophia Alvarez – August 14th, 2013

A busy street in São Paulo.

A busy street in São Paulo.

This Tuesday, the Campinas Youth Ambassadors woke very early–to many complaints–in order to drive to the city of São Paulo. The sleep deprivation was well worth it, however, to see the largest city in the Western Hemisphere.

From the moment we slowed on the highway due to infamous São Paulo traffic, I could sense the enormity of the city. Although I have been in large American cities such as New York, I live in your typical, spread out, moderately populated Midwestern city. Thus, the sheer number of people, cars, skyscrapers, and square miles of São Paulo was an experience in and of itself. There was a density of life that reminded me of how many other people and other ways of living exist on this planet.

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Posted from São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.